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Deciding To Heal: The Power is Yours

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Welcome to GQ World

Where your life is in your hands & you create your reality. I am a phenomenal woman, who overcame heartbreak after a failed marriage while raising my kings, healing, working full-time, rebuilding, & still deciding to strive for greater. I chose to be positive when I could've been negative & seeked revenge. The best revenge was minding my business & turning up in my real life. I chose myself & transformed every part of life, while showing others they could too. It is bigger than me, so the universe grounded me to get my attention. You can recreate your life & choose healing, peace, joy, & beauty. My light & dark caused me to look within myself, because I had to save me. I love assisting others & baking while homeschooling my children. Once upon a time life shook me to my core; however, I turned the chaos into magic. I believe in myself no matter how many times I picked up the pieces & went harder. You have to walk away from anything that doesn't flow with your mission & stay persistent. I did this so my children & other generations would have a healthier way.

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